An 'achievement' is a full formal display of a coat of arms. This form of display is normally used in formal situations, and can be used for decorative elements, banners, and of course on your scrolls. An achievement is your device surrounded by all the extra elements accorded to you by your rank in the SCA. Most of the elements are optional and do not have to be displayed.

Below are links to the rules that each Kingdom of the SCA have set forth for the creation and display of an Achievement of Arms, as well as images of the Achievements of Arms I have drawn up.

Achievements of Arms - Kingdom Rules

Kingdom of the West Kingdom of the East Kingdom of the Middle Kingdom of Atenveldt Kingdom of Meridies
Kingdom of Caid Kingdom of Ansteorra Kingdom of Atlantia Kingdom of An Tir Kingdom of Calontir
Kingdom of Trimaris Kingdom of the Outlands Kingdom of Drachenwald Kingdom of Artemisia Kingdom of Aethelmearc
Kingdom of Ealdormere Kingdom of Lochac Kingdom of Northshield Kingdom of Gleann Abhann Kingdom of Avacal
*Kingdom names in red indicate that the Kingdom does not have codified rules regarding Achievements of Arms

Here are the achievements I have drawn up, the thumbnail images are SVG while the full size images are PNG and square so that they are compatible with Facebook profile images and Instagram. Clicking on the Image will bring up the full size version.

Lord Biorn Atlason
Kingdom of An Tir
3320x3320, 647 KB
Lord Kurobayashi Tarou Akahito
Kingdom of An Tir
3338x3338, 500 KB
Her Ladyship Máire nic Shiobhán
Kingdom of An Tir
4371x4371, 841 KB
Lord Gasa-Rekkr Geirsson
Kingdom of An Tir
(In Progress)
Her Ladyship Audny Refsdottir
Kingdom of An Tir
(In Progress)
Sir Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi
Kingdom of An Tir
4083x4083, 1068 KB
Mistress Elsbeth nic Grath
Kingdom of An Tir
4876x4876, 1262 KB
His Lordship Agmundr Glumsson
Kingdom of An Tir
4101x4101, 977 KB


Vector drawings by Biorn Atlason - biorn.atlason (at) gmail (dot) com
Some files made with assets from or based off images provided by VikingAnswerLady, and Mistholme
Permission is given for use by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism