Changelog: September 7, 2022

Updated the Aquaterra page

Changelog: July 16, 2022

Updated the Royal Line of An Tir coloring book
Updated the Royal Line of An Tir flash cards

Changelog: January 9, 2022

Updated the Royal Line of An Tir coloring book

Changelog: January 12, 2021

Migrated site from html to php to accomodate future upgrades
Reworked the Branches of An Tir pages to allow for easy updating and re-organizing if a branch goes inactive

Changelog: October 10, 2020

Added a basic heraldry flash card set

Changelog: May 13, 2020

Updated multiple pages to start making downloads of both color and line drawing images available

Changelog: May 5, 2020

Added page for Achievements of Arms

Changelog: May 4, 2020

Added Changelog
Adjusted Menu to handle new categories
Updated Sergeants of Aquaterra Flash Cards - Added Giovanni del'Arco
Added Baronial Specific Badges page for the Barony of Aquaterra
Added pages for the An Tir Specific Badges
Added Structure to the Cantons page that will support downloading different formats of images coming in a future update

Changelog: May 3, 2020

Added Principality of the Summits Populace Badge
Added Shire of Ramsgaard Populace Badge
Added Canton of Caldaphort Arms
Added Silent Heraldry Badge

Changelog: April 28, 2020

Website comes online


Vector drawings by Biorn Atlason - biorn.atlason (at) gmail (dot) com
Some files made with assets from or based off images provided by VikingAnswerLady, and Mistholme
Permission is given for use by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism